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The 1st of February 2015 our new employee, Maria Alberdi-Pagola, started an Industrial PhD dealing with our energy piles. This Industrial PhD project is a collaboration between Centrum Pæle A/S, Aalborg University, VIA University College and INSERO Horsens and it will last 3 years.

This section of our webpage provides a wide overview of the main steps taken during the PhD project and it will be updated as relevant conclusions are obtained from the on-going research.


Link to the summary of the Industrial PhD project.

Link to the power point presentation, summarising the key objectives of the Industrial PhD project.


Link to our case study, Rosborg Gymnasium.


Thermal response testing (TRT)

Thermal response testing (TRT) is an in situ test, that serves as a tool to dimension ground source heat pump heating and cooling systems. At Centrum Pæle, we are trying to apply TRT to energy piles and use it as a dimensioning tool for energy foundations based on pile heat exchangers. To date, we have developed a 2D finite element model to analyse the TRT data obtained from tests performed in Centrum precast energy piles.



On-going projects:

February 2016

Thermal response test of an energy pile instrumented with ten Pt100 temperature sensors, casted in the concrete and placed at different levels, at the new northern extension at Rosborg Gymasium.



December 2015

New building founded on 220 energy piles at Rosborg Gymnasium, Vejle (under construction).




Fall 2015

Thermal response test execution in various energy piles at our test site at Langmarksvej in Horsens.





 Pictures from the testing at Rosborg Gymnasium









Alberdi-Pagola, M., Madsen, S., Jensen, L.J. & Poulsen, S.E., 2017. Numerical investigation on the thermo-mechanical behavior of a quadratic cross section pile heat exchanger. In proceedings of the IGSHPA Technical/Research Conference and Expo Denver, USA, March 14-16, 2017. Link to the paper:


Alberdi-Pagola, M., Poulsen, S.E., Jensen, L.J. & Madsen, S., 2016. Thermal response testing of precast pile heat exchangers: fieldwork report. Aalborg, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, 2016. 42 p. (DCE Technical Reports; No. 205).

 Link to the paper:


Alberdi-Pagola, M., Poulsen, S.E. & Jensen, L.J., 2016. A performance case study of energy pile foundation at Rosborg Gymnasium (Denmark). In 12th REHVA World Congress Clima2016, May 2016, Aalborg, Denmark. p. 10.


Link to the abstract of the paper: Abstract Aalborg

Link to the paper: 

Download the presentation in PDF format from here: presentation_clima_2016


Download the poster in PDF-format here: Poster


Alberdi-Pagola, M. & Poulsen, S. E., 2015. Thermal response testing and performance of quadratic cross section energy piles (Vejle, Denmark), In ICE Publishing. Proceedings of the XVI ECSMGE Geotechnical Engineering FOR Infrastructure and Development. Paper presented at the XVI ECSMGE 2015, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, pp. 2469-2474.


Link to the homepage of the conference:

Link to the abstract of the paper: Abstract Edinburgh

Download the presentation in PDF format from here: presentation_edinburgh_2015

Download the poster in PDF format from here: Poster 


Collaboration projects:

We participate in the GABI COST Action: Geothermal Energy Applications in Buildings and Infrastructure.

Link to COST Action:!reasons/cjg9


Industrial PhD student

More information about our PhD student, Maria Alberdi-Pagola (, in:









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