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Pile joints

Pile joints are the solution if piles longer than 18 meters are required. At Centrum Pæle A/S we have developed and patented our own pile joint – the CPG pile joint.


Our design of the pile joint allows jointed piles to have the same mechanical properties as piles without joints. The properties of the CPG pile joints are tested and documented according to the pile standard EN 12794 as a class A pile joint (the best class), which means that it can be used for hard pile driving without losing its properties.

The pile joint is tested and type approved for use in Germany by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik where the pile joint’s ability to absorb dynamic load is documented by means of a stress test – Zulassung Nr. Z-34.21-228.


The resulting Wöhler line is shown right and can be sent on request.


The production of pile joints for the Danish market is controlled by Dancert and for the German market by Materialprüfanstalt für das Bauwesen – TU Braunschweig.


The pile joints are available as 4-lock and 8-lock joints. The number of locks depends on the loads.


The design of the CPG pile joints allows for recommendations of the Swedish pile commission (“Pålkommission”) report no. 105 “Steel piles' resistance against corrosion in the ground” (Stålpålars bestandighet mot korrosion i jord”). Section 2.12 “Corrosion of steel fittings for piles of timber, concrete or steel” (”Korrosion på stål i beslag till pålar av trä, betong och stål”) specifies the corrosion of the pile lock parts to be 0.2 mm/100 years. The report also specifies that pile joints can be further protected against corrosion by means of lubrication of the lock parts. This measure is a standard of the CPG pile joint.


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