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Special piles

Centrum Pæle A/S produces piles with extra reinforcement, rock shoes, inspection pipes, jet pipes, injection pipes and other customised piles. Click on the headings ("Piles with inspection pipes”, “Piles with jet pipes” and “Piles with injection pipes”) to see a drawing of the piles ready for download.


Piles with rock shoes
When piles are used in hard subsoil e.g. rock or limestone, a rock shoe may be embedded in the pile. The rocks shoe secures the necessary anchoring in the subsoil and prevents the pile toe from breaking into the founding strata.


Piles with inspection pipes (Click here for drawing)
In piles with inspection pipes, a plastic pipe is embedded. This makes it possible to check that the pile is undamaged after installation.


Piles with jet pipes (Click here for drawing)
Piles with jet pipes are used for installation in pumped sand. The jet pipes make it possible to press the pile down into the sand using water pressure.

Piles with injection pipes (Click here for drawing)
For pile installation in contaminated soil, Centrum Pæle A/S has developed injection piles that make it possible to install piles without spreading of contamination.
The principle of injection piles is that a bentonite-cement-solution is inserted down through the pile and spread through a distribution box encapsulated in the pile. The bentonite-cement-solution settles as a shell around the pile, which prevents polluted water from leaking down through the soil layers.

Customised piles
In addition to standard specification piles, we also manufacture customised piles with extra steel cross sections. The piles are used when there is an extraordinary need for absorbing tensile strengths.

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