Terms and conditions


The sales and delivery terms apply to all offers, orders, order confirmations, or the like, unless there is any other written agreement.

Prices and terms of payment:

All prices are excl. VAT. Payment terms are net 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. In case of payment after the last timely due date, interest is due to the amount due, incl. VAT. The interest rate is 2% per commenced month. Assigned interest accrues due immediately and paid in advance of all other debts.

In the case of non-payment, Centrum Pæle can withhold any further deliveries, regardless of whether the delivery is interrelated.


For orders including delivery, the posts are delivered to the agreed construction site. It is a prerequisite that there is a fixed access road and access to construction site with ordinary trucks with trailers. For orders including delivery and unloading, the piles must be unloaded just next to and maximum perpendicular to the trailer. Should the piles be craned into an excavation or placed further away from the vehicle, it is associated with additional costs that will be invoiced purchaser.


Centrum Pæle can only perform surface treatment with hot bitumen on dry poles. As the piles are stored outdoors, in bad (wet) weather, irregularities can occur during delivery and extraordinary waiting time. Centrum Pæle accepts no liability for any loss of operation, loss of time, loss of profits or other direct or indirect losses in this connection.

Acceptance testing:

Before reading, the buyer is required to check the delivery slip’s statements and during reading, the buyer is required to perform visual inspection to ensure that the delivery is in accordance with the order. The buyer or his representative must acknowledge receipt of the delivery and conformity of the delivery slip specifications with the specifications that the buyer has required for delivery.​

Product certification:

Centrum Pæles standard products are certified. All standard piles are CE-marked according to DS / EN 12794. Documentation in addition to Centrum Pæle’s internal quality control is at the buyer’s own expense.

Product liability:

The delivery is delivered with 5 years of supplier liability for defects in accordance with the rules in AB 92 §10 pcs. 4th

Centrum Pæle is responsible for physical damage if it can be proved that the damage is due to a defect in delivery.

Centrum Pæle has drawn up a product liability insurance. Centrum Pæle’s liability for product damage is limited to DKK 10 million for business injuries. per year.

Limitation of liability:

In the event of liability for defective delivery – including product liability – Centrum Pæle’s liability does not cover operating losses, loss of time, loss of profits or other indirect losses, whether the liability should be supported by ordinary claims or otherwise, unless the lack is due to gross negligence on the part of Centrum Pæle. Centrum Pæle can only be made financially responsible if, before any remedial work, waiting time or other, has been agreed upon in writing between the customer and the Center Pæle.

In case of delay in liability, Centrum Pæle’s liability does not cover operating losses, loss of time, loss of profits or other indirect losses, whether the liability has to be supported by ordinary claims or otherwise, unless the delay is due to the circumstances of Centrum Pæle and these conditions have occurred before delivery was surrendered to external freight forwarder.


Any complaint must be made in writing immediately after the buyer is or should have been aware of the relationship with the nature and extent of the complaint and no later than 8 days after delivery. Otherwise, the buyer has lost his right to invoke this later.

Force majeure:

Centrum Pæle is not responsible for any delay due to circumstances arising without the sake of Centrum Pæle, and as Centrum Pæle is not the master, including eg (not exhaustive) fire, war, unusual weather events, strikes, lockouts or vandalism.


Disputes, including disagreements, must be resolved quickly, through constructive dialogue and at the lowest possible level in the organization. Each party may request that a dispute not resolved within 10 working days be resolved by mediation.

Each of the parties is entitled to request that mediation commence. If the parties can not reach agreement on who must be notified as a mediator, an impartial 3rd man, such as the Arbitration Board for Construction, is asked to bring a suitable mediator in a proposal. Mediation does not imply the use of remedies such as arrest or prohibition of bans and does not prevent one of the parties subsequently – if the case is not resolved by means of mediation – to initiate an arbitration case.

The cost of mediation is distributed equally between the parties. Any dispute not resolved by mediation shall be settled by arbitration. All disputes shall be settled in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Sale and, in other respects, under Danish law. If the case is to be settled by arbitration, the arbitration tribunal shall be established in accordance with the provisions of section AB 47. The views and estimates must be established in accordance with the rules in section 92 of the AB.

Entry into force:

These Sales and Delivery Terms will enter into force on November 10, 2017 and apply to orders received from this time.

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