Mast Foundation Piles

In addition to the standard selection of piles, Centrum Pæle A/S also manufactures Mast Foundation Piles.

We are manufacturing these piles, mainly for the electrification of the Danish railway lines. These piles have been specially developed to mount the different types of electrification masts. However, we use Mast Foundation Piles in other projects as well, such as solar parks.

Centrum Pile DK delivered our Mast Foundation Piles to the MOJO project - a solar cell car park - in the Netherlands. Here, they had a wish to combine renewable energy via solar panels, more parking spaces, and extra covered parking spaces. This led to a solution where the Centrum Pile system was the optimal foundation.

Below are pictures from the MOJO project. Click on the different pictures to see them in full size:

​For further information on the individual types of Mast Foundation Piles please contact Jacob Thorhauge.​

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