​Since the beginning of the 1970s, Centrum Pæle A/S has concentrated its efforts on the production of precast, reinforced concrete piles for foundation works.

In our two casting halls, we have a daily production of around 4,000 metres of piles in dimensions from 25x25 to 45x45 cm. The production system is automated and streamlined, which ensures a uniform pile quality at the lowest possible cost. To our customers this means that a pile from Centrum Pæle is of a high quality and a low price.

​The production system consists mainly of the following procedures:

  1. Welding of cages of reinforcement steel
  2. Concrete production and concreting
  3. Demoulding and storing

The pile production method has been improved through the past years, and the development goes on.​


The steel for the main and bangle reinforcement in Centrum Pæle’s reinforcement mesh is purchased directly from recognized European steelworks.

Special reinforcement

The standard networks from Centrum Pæle are supplied with powerful reinforcement rods, which are manually retro-fitted into the grid.


In addition to the energy piles, piles with extra reinforcement, mountain shoe, inspection pipes, piping tubes, injection pipes and custom-made piles are also produced.


The casting is – like so much else at Centrum Pæle – an automated process.

Bitumen coating

Bitumen is applied to the piles at ground level. This is determined by a test or knowledge of the subsoil.


Centrum Pæle A / S primarily uses transport by road. This provides fast and accurate deliveries, based on the daily needs of the current construction project.

Centrum Pæle A/S

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