Bitumen coating

​In case of unstable subsoil or risk of unstable subsoil, the piles should be coated with bitumen. Otherwise, there is a risk of settlement of the piles.

​Risk of settlement can be determined by driving of test piles or by other knowledge of the subsoil. The length of the coating is specified by the client.

​Centrum Pæle A/S carries out the bitumen coating of piles by means of a machine controlled by an operator. Before the coating, the piles are checked for damage. The piles must be completely dry so that the bitumen adheres to the concrete. The operator enters the length of the pile into the machine and adjusts the pile into position using a crane. The machine sprays an even layer of bitumen onto the piles at the length entered by the operator. Then the piles are placed in such a way that they do not stick together when the bitumen has hardened. The coating can be carried out at short notice. However, enough time must be allowed for the hardening of the bitumen.

Coating of Centrum piles takes place in an environmentally friendly way and according to Danish practice. Waste from the production is collected and reused.

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