The steel used for the reinforcement cages is bought directly from first-class European steelworks. It is a requirement that the steel complies with the specifications of the Danish and European steel standards.

​Centrum Pæle A/S thoroughly tests the steel and verifies that the properties are maintained after straightening and welding. This quality control is subject to on-going supervision by accredited Danish and German testing houses.

The production of the reinforcement cages takes place by means of a fully automated welding robot designed and developed by Centrum Pæle. The robot ensures a uniform quality of the cages and can produce more than 4,000 metres a day in different dimensions. This productivity makes us able to supply reinforced precast concrete piles to the entire Danish market. The robot operates in three shifts with two employees present all the time.

A similar welding robot has been exported to our affiliated companies in Poland, Sweden and the UK, where the robot produces the reinforcement cages required for the daily production. The dimensions differ from country to country. However, all dimensions are produced at almost the same speed and in the same quality.

The welding robot in action:

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