Centrum Pæle A/S’ piles are used for houses, bridges, harbour structures, industry and commercial buildings, energy supply plants and power stations. In recent years, the product range has expanded to include energy piles as well. The energy piles exploit the geothermal heat and provide bearing capacity to the building at the same time.

As we have produced piles since the beginning of the 1970s, we have an extensive reference list. See some recent examples of projects below.

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Wind Turbines

In the past years Centrum Pæle has delivered more than 1,200,000 linear metres of piles for wind turbine foundations in both Germany and Denmark.

Rosborg Gymnasium

Two extensions to the existing higher secondary school. Centrum Pæle delivered energy piles to the school’s geothermal system that provides heating and/or cooling to half of the new south wing.

Ceresbyen Aarhus

Ceresbyen is a new neighbourhood in central Aarhus. Ceresbyen is situated in the old Ceres Brewery in Vesterbro in the western part of the town. The construction was supported by piles, and approx.


Renewal of a dual-track railway section between Rostock and Berlin. A 10-kilometres railway section between Nassenheide and Löwenberg passed through 4 marsh areas with soft-bed down to a depth of 10 metres.

Amager Bakke – Copenhill – The Urban Mountain

A recreational facility, including a ski slope and an 85 metre high climbing wall, has been built on top of the new incineration plant, Amager Ressource Center. Centrum Pæle delivered piles for both this project and the power plant Amagerværket in the dimensions 30×30 and 40×40 during 2016-2017.